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By downloading BolXEmu application on your device, you're agreeing with next
Terms & Conditions policy, which is necessary step users have to accept when installing this emulator software.

Terms of Usage

1. BolXEmu software should be used for personal purpose only. It's against our policy to use this program for public presentations, or charge others for services done by its emulation abilities.

2. This application is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation in any way. All registered trademarks, including name "Xbox", "Xbox One" & "Xbox 360" and their graphic materials (logos) are intellectual property of their respective network.

3. Xbox One and Xbox 360 BIOS files are intellectual property of Microsoft Corporation and BolXEmu players are using its feature just for personal needs.

4. Users are not allowed to change or modify original BolXEmu's installation core files which can affect emulator's function without our prior permission.
But those players who are interested to become members of our developers team or beta testers, feel free to contact us regarding this opportunity.

Users of previous version (v.1.0.1.) should update their application to newest more stable release. Please download latest version of BolXEmu emulator by clicking the following download button.